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Choose from three types of listings:

1: Featured Coater- 12 mos $195.00
(multiple listing discounts)
2: Hotlinked Logo - 12 mos - $75.

Simply fill out the form below and choose
your preferred type of listing.

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1.***Featured Coater*** First Page Placement in the area of your choice - $195.00 12 mos.

$150 each for listings 2-3, $125 each for 3+
**$150 USD for companies outside the US**

Based on "first come, first serve" due to space limitations

Featured Coater Listings:

  • Guarantees Front Page Placement of your company listing in your area(s)
  • Includes hotlinks to your email and website
  • Includes your full color logo with your listing
  • Entitles you to a FREE full-page Company Profile if you do not have a website

  • ***Special Rates for Southern CA Coaters ***

    If you are a coater in one of the five southern CA counties:
    Click here for your Southern CA package rates

    ***Special Rates for Northeast USA Coaters***
    If you are a coater in CT,DE, ME, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI,or VT:
    Click here for your
    Northeast USA Package Rates

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    2.Hotlinked logo listing

    $60 each for each additional Hotlinked Logo Listing
    ($60 for companies outside the US)

    Your company listing with logo and hotlinks to your email and website in the alphabetical city list
    If you don't have a web site, you can add a full-page
    Company Profile for just a one-time charge of $75.00

    I want my Hotlinked Logo listing in the following area:

    I want additional Hotlinked Logo Listings in these areas - $50 each
    For multiple choices, hold down the "Ctrl" key while you choose


    ** Free Company Listing in the alphabetical-by-city list

    I don't have a web site; I want a Company Profile for $50-1x charge